Selected Projects

The painting "Yo No Soy Monkey" (1991) by Roberto Gil De Montes, was brought to our studio in a distressed state due to improper storage, where packaging material adhered to the paint layer, causing significant damage including paint loss and abrasions. Our meticulous conservation plan involved stabilizing the existing paint, carefully cleaning the surface, using adhesives to secure loose paint, and inpainting damaged sections with reversible color media to blend seamlessly with the original paint, preserving the artwork's aesthetic value.
We had the privilege of conserving "Abstract Figure”, 1983, 29 x 24 in, an early work by the American contemporary visual artist George Condo. This piece had suffered water damage, compromising both the delicate paper support and the paint layer, and our conservation team undertook a meticulous process to restore it to its original vibrancy.
The painting "Little Girl in Red" (1931) by Ione Robinson was treated as part of a project focused on the Mexican muralist movement; the conservation treatment involved removing accumulated dirt and discolored varnish to reveal the original brighter colors and applying a more suitable varnish to enhance the painting's delicate tonality.
Sol LeWitt, a pivotal figure in Conceptual and Minimalist art, redefined contemporary art by prioritizing ideas over execution and challenging traditional notions of authorship. His 1979 series "Cube" showcases this innovative approach, and our conservation efforts aimed to restore one of these pieces.
Our recent conservation project showcases the works of Charles Green Shaw, a key figure in early American abstract art known for his modernist elements and bold use of shapes and colors. We meticulously treated 34 of Shaw’s oil paintings, focusing on restoring their original vibrancy and structural integrity.